Default: 339864
Default with Spaces: 121019

Transposal: Ouija board accessory (10) / Lowest ACPT ranking that earns an A-Division trophy (5 5)


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I added the Monopoly properties to Default/DWS this week, part of an effort to (re-)add some board-game theme lists. For the “Avenue” properties, I added “Ave” versions, though I didn’t add “Pl” for “Place” properties. When I looked at the the entry ATLANTICAVE, I Googled the phrase “atlantis cave” to see if it was a thing. Apparently there is a Cave Grill restaurant at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas but nothing more substantial for a deleted-letter wordplay base.

MTGOX (40)

This Asian financial institution could be a newsy reference in a current crossword puzzle. Even if the company goes under and starts fading from memory, it could be preserved in crosswords like ELIAN Gonzalez. Neville Fogarty posted the following wordplay puzzle on Facebook. The fact that I’m reposting it in a paragraph on MTGOX sort of gives away the answer, but it’s a still cute find:

Think of a 7-letter currency. Replace its 5th letter with an H to get a slang word for “excellent.”


The titles of Dr. Seuss works was an old theme list for Default, but recently researched Dr. Seuss again for DWS, including some story elements that I missed the first time. One of the new additions was the checker-coated, surprise narrator of Dr. Seuss’s ABC, and her Z-filled name struck me a a fun and challenging seed for a 16×16 Unthemely. The east side of the puzzle has a traffic jam of tricky, non-intuitive entries — AGEMONO, ACURARDX, and DOXING — but overall I was pleased with the 78-word fill. I wondered if the name of Seuss’s creature was possibly influenced by the ZIZ of Jewish folklore (also an entry in the puzzle). I considered using this theory to link the entries together with a clue cross-reference.

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