Default: 339630
Default with Spaces: 120692

Transposal: Website revenue sources (8 3) / Formal meal for foreign dignitaries (5 6)


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ADSIT (55)

I recently added a 30 Rock theme list to Default with Spaces (most of the terms were already in Default). ADSIT, as in the actor Scott who plays straight-man producer Pete Hornberger, strikes me as a name that would be useful in crosswords but I’ve never had the the entry come up in an autofill situation. The entry also doesn’t have any hits in Ginsberg, though it may have showed up in some indies.


I enjoyed learning this term from Mental Floss article about story-telling devices. The Japanese word translates as something like “irritating-adorable” and refers to the character development of an antagonist from hostile to kindhearted. It’s a device that anime fans are acquainted with but I can think of characters in Western television to which the term is applicable: Wilhelmina Slater, Gloria Akalitus, Regina Mills. It’s not always a satisfying development in practice, but it’s nice to have an interesting term for the concept.

2 thoughts on “TSUNDERE / UNTHEMELY #49

  1. Two wrong squares. 😦 I had NARZBAR sbe NTRZBAB; QRKVAT (fubeg sbe “vaqrkvat” frrzrq ernfbanoyr, naq juvyr Ze. Xrajbegul’f anzr jnf snzvyvne-vfu, V pbhyqa’g trg njnl sebz gur vqrn bs sevrq narzbar … zzz).

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