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Something put Weird Al Yankovic on my mind last week, so I decided to start going through his discography for database entries. In my closet have a shoebox of mouldering cassette tapes featuring 1980s episodes of the Dr. Demento show recorded from Sunday night radio broadcasts. The cassettes were my only records of Weird Al songs — I never bought one of his albums. I want to have some more Weird Al in my music library, but I’m not sure if I should take a completist route by buying full albums or pick and choose songs from iTunes.


After a mild weekend, Denver is expecting cold, snowy temperatures for Monday’s commute, and I have a new winter meteorological term for Default. POLARVORTEX is still a more attractive term.

MOANA (70)

Disney recently revealed some details over its 2018 animated film Moana featuring its next Disney Princess Moana Waialiki. After Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, it’s nice to see that Disney is continuing the tradition of crossword-friendly princess names.


One thought on “BOMBOGENESIS

  1. I was in Hawaii and bought a University of Hawaii T-shirt at the Moana (i.e. main) campus bookstore. The word Moana is not on the shirt, but I felt that a T-shirt that said UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII was somewhat more interesting than a T-shirt that said HAWAII. Having said that, the bookstore also had a green thick cotton T-shirt, size 4XL, that simply said HAWAII. It was $7 on the discount rack. I regret not buying it.

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