Default: 336737
Default with Spaces: 117524

Transposal: Makes a report to headquarters (5 2 2) / Tiny amount (9)


* * *


I compared the list of Golden Globe nominees with Default to find holes and was shocked to discover that I didn’t have JASONBATEMAN. I’ve only created theme lists for a few dozen TV shows, but had never gotten around to Arrested Development; surprising because it is one of my all-time favorites. I worked on a theme list last week with cast and crew names and a few other references such as STAIRCAR, CORNBALLER, HOTCOPS and Dr. Tobias Funke’s disturbing occupational portmanteau of “analyst” and “therapist.” It’s not a great entry for mainstream venues (for obscurity more than breakfast test) but would be fun in an indie puzzle.


Word Spy defines this as “The distance from home or work within which a person performs most of their day-to-day activities; the distance within which a person lives all or most of their life.” Word Spy didn’t explicitly mention the plural, but I assume LIFERADII is defensible. It looks like an answer word for an MIT Mystery Hunt puzzle featured in a round with a constrained meta solution. I scored the plural form as 63.


During the blasts of winter weather of early January, I added the new entry POLARVORTEX to my seed list. Later, I decided that some other indie constructor might use it, so I went with FROSTQUAKE, another recent seed list addition with a similar theme.

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