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My friend Chris is the person outside of family with whom I have kept in regaulr contact with the longest. We met in sixth grade. We didn’t attend the same school, but both both were part of a gifted program where students from all the schools in the district met for one day a week for beyond-the-basics pursuits. I was visiting with Chris recently reminiscing about the things we did in that program back in the early ’80s. One thing I remembered was that the classroom has its own library which featured a large clear-plastic “reading bubble.” The bubble was inflated by a box fan and slit along the side allowed access to a futuristic plastic womb for reading. My regular school eventually got its own reading bubble, and I guess they were a fad in schools and libraries for a while. Anyone else remember these things?


When I came across wordlist-exchange entry I scored it rather quickly. The word is part of my experience as a short form of “miniature convention,” and even if the word were not in dictionaries its meaning is easily inferrable. I did recheck the term on Google and discovered that it also has a meaning the in the Transformers universe as a class of robot. It might be just as useful as a clue option but I don’t know enough about Transformers to make the call.


I had this pair of fictional accountants in my idea file for a while and decided to use them as a minitheme in a 16×16 grid with two 16-letter entries instead of four. INKSLINGER I remember from studying American folk heroes in elementary school. I wasn’t a reader of Donald Duck comics and wasn’t a regular viewer of the Ducktales TV show, so while I had a slight familiarity of Uncle Scrooge’s accountant I didn’t know his full name or note the matched enumeration until much later. Besides the Duckburg bean counter, Fenton is also the name of a St. Louis suburb with a water slide I used to visit. My friend Myles has a son named Fenton, but he is not named after the duck or the water-slide suburb.


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2 thoughts on “MINICON

  1. We had a reading bubble at my school, in the GT room. I remember inviting kids down from our class and giving a presentation about whales inside it, using a projector and transparencies. My school was in a St. Louis suburb. I moved to Arkansas in 5th grade and no one I’ve met here has ever heard of such a thing.

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